Plastic Surgery Colombia


Botox® in Colombia

If you are looking for wiping away those wrinkles for a smoother, fresher and more youthful look, Botox® is might be for you.  Botox® Cosmetic is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed worldwide to ease the signs of ageing, and is used to minimize those wrinkles that show up whenever you smile, frown or show emotion.

When injected into muscles Botox® has a local effect by blocking the transmission of electrical impulses between the nerve endings and the muscle fibers around the injection site.  This causes weakness of the nearby muscle and softening of the wrinkles caused by that muscle.  The result in partial muscle paralysis that is temporary, usually lasting 4-6 months, as the new growth of nerves will re-innervate the muscles.

Dynamic wrinkles as crow´s feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles are due to repetitive facial expression, and weakening the muscles responsible for these facial expressions with Botox can dramatically improve these wrinkles.  When done properly, treatment with Botox® can have impressive effects to given a softened and more rested look throughout the face.

Skin treatments like Botox® can be completed with a short visit to the plastic surgeon’s office while on vacation in Colombia, or while in Colombia getting other cosmetic surgery procedures.  The consultation and treatment happen immediately, and numerous Colombia plastic surgeons have developed this into a relaxing and enjoyable experience complete with a facial massage, aroma therapy, fresh fruit juices, and calming music.  In less than an hour, you can be back to your vacation and enjoying the sights, people, and passion of Colombia.

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