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Cosmetic surgery in Colombia represents an increasingly attractive option for consumers looking for the ultimate combination of quality, price, availability, service, enjoyment, and value. Travel for plastic surgery has become a more and more widespread phenomenon, combining the expertise of a variety of arenas including plastic surgery, wellness, hospitality, and tourism.

Plastic surgery has been at the forefront of the medical tourism industry, because it is a largely privatized healthcare practice based on elective procedures.  Modern cosmetic surgery patients are actively involved in decisions about their care and associated costs.  They take initiative in improving their health, seek and use information, consider different care options, and make choices that meet their preferences. [i]   Patients place central importance on high quality, readily accessible, and understandable healthcare.

         Cosmetic surgery patients seek an improvement in their appearance, and pay out of pocket to achieve their goals.  They want more value from the system, more transparency in pricing and quality, better use of technology, and better service.  Patients are researching options with an expectation of finding a provider that inspires confidence, and are no longer limited by treatment options available in their home communities.  Instead, they are looking globally when making healthcare decisions and determine optimal value with consideration to quality, service, and price.  The Internet has become the significant source of information for patients who want to learn more about their medical conditions and treatment options, and virtual consultations and patient care services make planning a procedure abroad relatively hassle free.

      The surge in plastic surgery travel to Colombia is due to increasingly informed consumers who are willing to travel for a quality surgical experience combined with peace of mind, a stress-free recovery, and wonderful memories of their medical vacation.  Whereas medical tourism is all about cost savings, aesthetic tourism may also be motivated by such things as procedures and products that are not available at home, privacy issues, and glamour appeal.  Discretion is also a factor, as recovery can take place in complete privacy while enjoying a gorgeous tropical setting.  Cosmetic surgery patients are drawn to Colombia for the opportunity to receive surgery, recuperation, and rejuvenation away from public scrutiny.  It's easier to say, "I'm taking a two-week trip to a spectacular resort" than letting everyone know you want cosmetic surgery. Additionally many busy professionals in the global market simply don't have the extra time, so it makes sense to use available vacation time for plastic surgery abroad. Cosmetic surgery procedures are generally not covered by insurance, and so patients are looking for great care at exceptional value.  Plastic surgery in Colombia provides the answer, with the total price for someone paying out of pocket, including travel expenses, usually lower than having costly procedures done in their home country.  Plastic surgery centers in Colombia specialized in medical tourism are able to offer surgical excellence combined with care packages that create a superior perioperative experience.  For less than they would pay for the same procedure at a nondescript outpatient surgery center in the U.S., patients can receive the same operations while enjoying impeccable service and around the clock personalized care in a tropical setting.  Costs are especially attractive when combing procedures, offering patients, in effect, a free vacation while saving thousands of dollars.

Patients worldwide are embracing plastic surgery in Colombia as a superior alternative for obtaining elective, cosmetic surgery procedures.  The healthcare environment in developed countries has become increasingly expensive and inefficient, leading to widespread frustration loss of faith in home systems.  Uncontrolled costs in the United States have placed elective cosmetic procedures out of reach for many consumers.  Long wait times combined with high prices are motivating patients in countries such as Canada and the UK, while lack of plastic surgeons with appropriate training and expertise in these procedures limits access to patients in thriving Asian economies. 

[i] 2010 Survey of Health Care Consumers Key Findings, Strategic Implications, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, 2010. Available online at:

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